Table key data displaying with commas

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After updating to version, when I execute a query, numeric table keys are displaying with commas.  For example, ID 1234567 will now display as 1,234,567.  This is difficult to look at and causes problems when copying or exporting data.  I looked around in the settings and could not find a way to disable this behavior.

I'm connecting using a Generic ODBC Connection, if that matters for this type of question.  Is there any way to remove the commas from these data types?

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello Benjamin,

This behavior can be changed  in the Data formats dialog, it can be called from the Data tab toolbar and in the Export options dialog. We manually corrected the default formatting in the new version to get rid of the unwanted behavior.

benjamin pickett

I've upgraded to the version.  Thank you!