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SQL Query Execution 8

SQL execution errors and performance issues, SQL optimization, fine points of executing SQL queries against different database servers.
Updates: MSSQL / TSQL "GO" batch operator

Uncategorized 11

Other questions and discussions not directly related to FlySpeed SQL Query.

Registration & licensing questions 3

Software licensing terms, purchase process questions, registration issues, etc.
Updates: Flyspeed License Expired

SQL parsing 14

SQL query parsing error reports. Please indicate your database server and the used connection type.
Updates: MySQL JSON strings

Visual query building 55

Questions, issues and suggestions about the visual query builder and the accompanying functionality (data preview, formatting, etc.)
Updates: Persistent table aliases

Data export and manipulation 21

Working with data: searching, editing, browsing, printing and exporting.
Updates: Please show zero values

General and UI questions 43

Questions and requests about the functionality and the purpose of the tool, organization of the end-user interface.

Database connection 40

Database connection issues, help with finding the needed database drivers, setting the right connection properties.

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