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SQL Query Execution 12

SQL execution errors and performance issues, SQL optimization, fine points of executing SQL queries against different database servers.

Uncategorized 11

Other questions and discussions not directly related to FlySpeed SQL Query.

Registration & licensing questions 6

Software licensing terms, purchase process questions, registration issues, etc.
Updates: Discrepancies in your offerings

SQL parsing 15

SQL query parsing error reports. Please indicate your database server and the used connection type.

Visual query building 55

Questions, issues and suggestions about the visual query builder and the accompanying functionality (data preview, formatting, etc.)
Updates: Persistent table aliases

Data export and manipulation 23

Working with data: searching, editing, browsing, printing and exporting.

General and UI questions 45

Questions and requests about the functionality and the purpose of the tool, organization of the end-user interface.
Updates: Problems to show Latin characters

Database connection 47

Database connection issues, help with finding the needed database drivers, setting the right connection properties.

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