FlySpeedQuery installed on PC-client cant access SQL server - Timeout Expired

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I´m trying to connect ot one of my SQL servers in a domain.
My PC is in the same Domain and Lan.

But FlySpeed cant access SQL server with the error message "Timeout Expired".

I´ve change the Connection Timeout settings under Advanced to 30 and 60 but still get the same error message - "Timeout Expired".

what can cause the problem?

Really appreciate your answer

Please see screenshots below:

Please see screnshots



It is nearly impossible to suggest what can go wrong without knowing your database server configuration and infrastructure details, but if the problem is really as displayed in the error message (not enough time to establish a connection or to query a database), you can increase the connection and command timeouts by clicking the "Setup advanced options" button.

Andrey Zavyalov, PM
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