how to "normalize" queries for a uniformly "B = A" or "A AS B"?

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I am looking for a way to use something similar to the SSMS Query Editor to "normalize" or unify queries.


"select b = a, c as d from" or "select a as b, d = c from"

and other sources should be converted into a normalized / unified form (SSMS query editor will do):

"select b = a, d = c from" or "select a as b, c as d from"

I did not found how to "batch process" queries using in SSMS, but when I found this "SQL Query" I decided to evaluate. My first result is, that I can use query builder to reformat, but it did not unify the query. I had a look on the formatting options but they are partially hidden on my 4K monitor and I can't find some option in the visible part of the options. And I think this is not only a question of formatting but it is related to parsing. On the other hand: "SQL Query" will parse and build queries, so it should know that 
"b = a" has the same effect as "a as b"

So my question:

is it possible to use the query editor to unifiy queries?

if this is possible, could there be some kind of batch proccessing using the query editor?