How to re-dock the database explorer?

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I've somehow managed to un-dock the Database Explorer and I can't get it to go back inside the window.

I've tried to drag it back in to the window but nothing works. Only thing it lets me do is make it wider or narrower.

It is not usable like this because if I connect to a server, a lot of the content appears off screen at the top, and there's no way to bring it down.

How do I reset the layout?

Rob L

Okay,  after a bit of experimentation, I've deleted out of the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Active Database Software\QueryTool\VisualSettings

And this seems to have reset everything.


Hello, Rob.

I am glad you have solved this problem. It looks like the right way to fix this issue. There is no shortcuts to re-dock it and the undocked window can only be dragged with its header.

Steve Cooper

Double left click at the top of the "floating" Connection window.  


That's right. But in Rob's case, the header was out the screen.