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Someone know a way to export the info available through the Query Info tab? Cut-and-paste is inactive and I did not found any possibility to save it in a file.
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Franco Genolini

Germo Görtz

this query info is exactly what I finally need and for what I would like to this software:

Input: SQL Text

Output: all this metadata from the "Query Info" (and a little bit more)

My goal is to transform valid TSQL for views into metadata used by https://www.analyticscreator.com/ in it's repository, where views can be defined in a formalized way. And the "query info" contains most of the required metadata (additionally I would need metadata from the WHERE condition, JOINS, distinct, ...)

Alternatively I would need to parse formatted SQL. But when all this metadata is already there it would be much easier to use existing software than to try to parse it again. 

Germo Görtz

Here is the link to the public community project where I explain a little bit what I want to do: