Connect to DB without expanding metadata?

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I have a few databases with a fair number of tables. Every time I connect, the "refreshing metadata..." opens and expands all my folder on the right-side pane. I've looked for this feature setting, but am not sure if there is an option to disable the auto-expanding of folders. Is there a "disable expanding folder" option?


Hello, Dave.

Please open the Connection Properties dialog, go to the Settings tab. Find the "Auto expand nodes" option and turn it off.

Germo Görtz

I can't find these magic "Connection Properties" for the current used connection. It looks like this can be changed only before connecting to a connection. And it would be a good idea to avoid the "auto expand nodes" by default. Default for new connections should be collapses nodes. At least I would like to set this as default for my connections.

It is very hard to work with the connections if all is expanded, there should be a way to easy "collapse all"