views in edit modus refer to master db

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I get the error = "Invalid object name 'master.dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence'" 

when I do an edit on one of the columns of the view.  (So no error executing the view)


The edit of that same column does work when I copy the view sql text and execute with the USE statement


SELECT TOP (100000) dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.StepOrder, dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.StepTarget, dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.TargetID,
dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.CallingScript, dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.WeekSchedule, dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.GroupName, dbo.OvernightStep.StepNumber,
dbo.OvernightStep.StepDescription, dbo.OvernightStep.StepTimeOut, dbo.OvernightStep_Library.StepType, dbo.OvernightStep_Library.StepSubType,
dbo.OvernightStep_Library.StepLibraryDescription, dbo.OvernightStep_Library.PossibleParameters, dbo.OvernightStep_Library.ExecutionDetails,
dbo.OvernightStep_Library.ModelGroupSupport, dbo.OvernightStep.TriggerType, dbo.OvernightStep.TriggerParameter
FROM dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence INNER JOIN
dbo.OvernightStep ON dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.Objid_OvernightStep = dbo.OvernightStep.objid INNER JOIN
dbo.OvernightStep_Library ON dbo.OvernightStep.objid_OvernightStep_Library = dbo.OvernightStep_Library.objid
ORDER BY dbo.OvernightStep_Sequence.StepOrder


So can the developper not add the USE statement him/herselve  when running the edit component of the view.

BTW it will display the view correctly when F5 (execute), but error just happens when editing.

CTRL + F5 is no help here

Please solve.





it is solved, it is a small issue when you make the connectionstring for the first time in an odd way.

(db identified + itselve also added).

no worries you will not encounter is and the tool works great now.

Andrey Zavyalov, PM
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