Log file of SQL statements sent to server? Also, batch "paste" edits in a column?

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LOVE the software. Behaves like a SQL manager should (especially for non-SQL geek like me). NICE.

My IT guy was standing behind me while I'm editting table data raw (YAY!), and he asked "Nice - what SQL is it submitting to modify the database?". Hrm, good question.

Is there a log of the SQL being passed back and forth to the SQL server?


ALSO, is there a convenient way to modify a field in a results column. My scenario was I had to change a display tag from a "1" to a "0". Instead of selecting/editing/saving each, is there a better method (yes, yes, I know I could have generated a SQL query to do so, but it was only 30 records, so was quicker for me to click/edit, than to create & check an SQL statement).

Again, EXCELLENT tool.



Thank you for the good words about our software.

Yes, you can turn logging on by checking the "Write connection log" option on the Advanced tab of Connection Properties dialog.

Unfortunately, there's no other way to update several records at once rather than to write an UPDATE statement by hand. We will think about the ways to simplify this operation.


Excellent. The batch update would be nice, but not a huge issue. I can kludge SQL for big data sets.