Language-Translation-Service on website for editing and generating lang-files

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Is it possible to build a community language-translation-service on this website?
For an example, you can see: 

So many community-users can help to translate the product and consumers can download the file. If sensible, you can publish the function as premium service for paid version. Otherwise all translated or voted item give points to community-user and for download you need a specified amount on points.


So, now I hope to positive feedback...

Best regards


Hello, Mat.

It's a great facility, but unfortunately, we don't have such a perfect instrument.

However, you can take part in translating FlySpeed SQL Query even now. All you need is to find the "Default.lng" file in the "Languages" folder in the program installation directory, and copy it to "German.lng", then modify it according to the instructions given for Active Query Builder, but they perfectly suit for FlySpeed SQL Query:


PS: If somebody agrees to share his localization to one of the widespread languages of this planet with us for its inclusion in the software installation package, we will grant him a site license for FlySpeed SQL Query and will prolong his subscription for free as long as he maintains this localization. :)


Hello Sergey,

I discovered FlySpeed SQL Query recently. It's a great software ! and I like it a lot. I'm french and no french translation available. So, I translated the "default.lng" file into French language. Your always offer a license to translators ?

I'am OK to maintain the file updated with new versions of software. This job has been long but your software is really good ;-)

On the other hand, I noticed that certain dialogs or menus are not translated because they are not present in the "lng" file.

Best regards