Feature-Request: Make Toolbar/Menubar configurable by ini-file/GUI-Preferences-dialog

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Hi forum,

Flyspeed SQL-Query is a very nice tool to make database query by normal user without sql-language-Know-how. I would like hide some buttons- and menu-entry ore move them to a other position inside the button-group or menu.

Is it possible to make it configurable by ini-file or GUI-Preferences-dialog?



Hello, Mat.

Thank you for your feedback. For now, it is possible to configure the toolbar of the main window by right-clicking on it and selecting the "Customize Toolbar..." command. We will add the possibility to customize other toolbars in one of the next minor versions.

Ian Eales

I would the Query window tool bar position to persist. A single row with hidden controls is not useful.

This layout is preferred, but does not persist.