Database explorer (Flyspeed SQL Query) does not show all schemas

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Database explorer does not show all schemas, if I use "Selected databases", it only shows all schemas for the database that I have chosen as default database. If I changed the default database, it will show me the schemas, but not for the one I have previous selected as default database.

I am using a SQL Server 2012 and ind "Connection properties" I have set "Connection type" to "MS SQL Server" and "Server version" to "MS SQL Server 2012". I am using integrated security and I can see all schemas in "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio". I have tried with both "Connect via SQL Native Client" and "Connect through OLE DB Provider" with same result.

I am using version of FlySpeed SQL Query Free Edition.



Thank you for your bug report.

We have reproduced the problem. We will investigate it and hopefully fix in the next version.



The bug is fixed in the version 3.4.9.