Data Entry Product

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Hi. I have a suggestion for a new product you may like to offer in future.

On the market there are many products for database configuration and queries. But there are very few good products for data entry. This is strange because hundreds of times more hours must be spent on entering data.

Why not make a general purpose data entry and editing tool that works like this? The administrator configures the database connection and sets up a form with fields laid out on the screen as required. He then saves the configuration and locks it. He hands it to an untrained user to enter loads of data. The user just sees the data entry form and cannot mess up the configuration.

Of course, you could add some refinements like data validataion and searching. I think there is a big gap in the market for such a general purpose product.


Thank you for your suggestion. We will improve the form view in a few months. If this feature gets good reviews, we will think about moving it out to a separate application.