Reporting features (paid version)

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Hi. I am looking to buy a product to produce reports from SQLite databases. I couldn't find much information about reporting on the website - only one screenshot. What are the configuration options. Can you specify the column widths, fonts, font sizes, etc? Can you send directly to the printer or only PDF?

The screenshot shows a grid view. Can you also make a report based on form view. I would like to display one record per page with the fields laid out in fixed positions.


Hello, Tenbob.

The reporting facility allows you to setup fonts, font sizes, paper size. It can only display data in a table, exactly like you see it in the data grid. You tune the column widths, set up visible columns right in the data grid, then you switch to the Report tab and get a report preview that you can send to a printer or to save to PDF format.

It is not possible to get a report based on a form view. We will add your suggestion to our to-do list.


Hi Sergey. Thanks for explaining the configuration options. That looks a good product!