How to execute a non-SELECT statement?

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Hello Vitaly,

thank you for your advice. When I hold the Ctrl key the result of the query is displayed. But I assure you: with the version you released before it was not necessary to hold the Ctrl key.


Christoph Hauck


Hello Christoph,

FlySpeed SQL Query does not display results if it does not recognize query as SELECT statement.
To enforce grid results display you should use Ctrl key (press Ctrl+F5 instead of F5 or hold Ctrl when click
on "Execute" button)

Vitaly Sotnikov
Senior Programmer
Active Database Software


Dear Christoph.

What was the previous version that you have installed? The previous version can be downloaded here, I am pretty sure that it won't show results on executing this script it in normal way.

We decided to detect non-SELECT statements and execute them without displaying results to prevent the "no result dataset returned" error on executing DML and DDL statements. I agree that we have to implement better detection of SELECT statements in SQL scripts, but this can't be completed fast.

In the next version we will add a drop-down to the Execute button to make this feature more obvious.


A drop-down menu was added to the Execute button in the latest version Please try.