Export query as HTML + Auto-use previously object aliases

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Idea 1:

I often need to quote a SQL query in an html email or in my product documentation. I have to copy the SQL from the FlySpeed editor into something like http://www.dpriver.com/pp/sqlformat.htm to get it syntax-coloured, and then copy/paste the result into my email / document.

As FlySpeed already formats and syntax-colours so well, it would be great to be able to just copy the html formatted SQL from the Flyspeededitor to then paste into email / my documentation.

Idea 2:

Would it be possible to auto-alias previously used tables within a connection? In other words, if I've already used an alias for table "ACTUAL_V_BUDGET.dbo.forecasts2015" in a previous query could the alias be automatically applied next time I use the table in another query? It would save time manually creating the aliases every time. And please could the alias be stored in the connection so it persists next time I use FlySpeed?




Hello, Peter.

Great ideas. We will definitely consider them for implementation in one of the next minor versions.


Thank you!