Auto-size to widest - in Data View and also Query Designer Grid

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Would it be possible to auto-size columns to fit (i.e. the width of each column is changed to just the maximum width of the widest item in the column) - both globally (i.e. all columns auto-sized) and individually (by double-clicking on the column divider like in Excel)?

This would be beneficial both for the Data View and also for the Query designer grid view. I'm for ever messing with the column widths to make the cell contents more visible.

Jason Humphrey
Question on this.
It looks like this was introduced in on Oct 14th, but I don't see an option to enable it in
Is there an option to enable?
I also tried to double click like in excel to expand to width of content with no luck.

One of the highlighted buttons on this screenshot fits columns width by content, another fits all columns to the visible area.
Ian Eales

Now that we have the layout file, would it be possible to add n Option to enable saving Grid Column Widths to the .fsqlayout file on Save when in Grid view.

Another feature would be to auto size column width to Column.Name in the query

For example, SELECT Name as [Film Title], Rating as Rtg, [Release Year] AS RelYr the Grid would display 10, 3 and 5 characters respectively.