How do I query multiple connections/data sources

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I have a desktop program that archives old data into a separate mdb file, and I want to run queries against unions of matching tables between the two files/data sources.

Currently under connections I have each file/connection, and within it the respective tables, but cannot seem to build a union query to join the matching tables. Is this possible between connections or have I connected the data sources incorrectly?

It is not possible to execute a query against objects from different connections. FlySpeed SQL Query does not execute queries itself, it just sends them to corresponding database servers (or to their drivers in case of desktop databases). The only way to cope with your task is to get your databases connected before opening them with FlySpeed SQL Query. For example, MS Access has ability tolink tables from other datasources. Once linked, you can write your queries to both native and linked tables using the single connection to a database.
Andrew Cattarin
Thank you very much, in fact that's what I ended up doing and it's working great. This is certainly an acceptable solution.

PS: You've done an amazing job the the visual query builder, it really puts MS Access to shame :o)