Feature Requests for Editing

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Hi all,

i'd love if you could implement some kind of "ms access fallback options" in the preferences.

what i mean:
when editing/ineserting lots of data, i currently have to do the following:
- hit enter or F2
- hit right cursor for un-highlighting the content
- edit content
- hit enter again
- skip to next cell

it would be nice if i could enable direct editing like in access which would go like:
- content highlighting is enabled by default (when using cursorkeys to navigate through the cells)
- hitting F2: highlighting will disappear and i can directly edit
- NO enter required for save: after i filled/entered data, i can hit eg. cursor down to go to the next cell: 
  if that cell contains data, it will highlight again, or if empty, no highlighting and i can type/fill right away

that would be very neat :))

2nd: please add an option for disabling the context-search feature (which is imo very annoying):
when typing a letter when NOT in editing mode, the cusor will jump to the corresponding record which starts with that letter.
for example: i'm at the bottom of a table with thousands of records and i want to edit the current record and i'm forgetting to hit enter for starting editing and will type "a", the cursor will directly jump to the total beginning of the table .. :/ that's why i suggested the alternative editing mode above.

thanks + greets,
Thank you for your suggestion. We will implement different modes for editing data in the grid.
Tom Gugger
very nice thanks! :)
Regarding the "2nd" question: It seems that you use an old version of the tool. We changed this behavior long time ago. Now you should pres the Ctrl+F keys to switch to the incremental search mode.