Visual indicator of Alternate Key columns (unique index) in query designer

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It is a common database design practice to use a single-column surrogate key as the Primary Key in each table, but also within the same table have the presence of "Natural Key" (or "Alternate Key") columns that also have a unique index assigned to them, for example:

-- StudentCourse --
StudentCourseID (PK)
StudentID (AK)
CourseID (AK)

PK_StudentCourse (StudentCourseID)
AK_StudentCourse (StudentID, CourseID)

So, using this example, in the query designer it would be useful to have a visual indicator that there is a unique index on columns StudentID & CourseID (just as there is a visual indicator that StudentCourseID is the Primary Key).

Thank you for your suggestion. We will think about inclusion of this feature in our to-do list.
Trevor Gould
Any updates on this?  This would be really valuable to have.
Hello. Sorry, but there's no updates on this. This feature is added in our to-do list, but it will not be implemented in the near future.