Where are my saved queries saved?

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Using FlySpeed SQL Query v2.10.0.9 and want to update to latest release.  Since I didn't have enough caffeine I have botched the install and have 2 versions on my workstation.  I want to remove the older but need to keep my saved queries.  Where do these live and can I just copy them over to the new installation???
Open the Connection Properties dialog, click the "More options" button, go to the Advanced tab. There you will find the "Connection query path" property. You can set it to the same folder as it was set for this connection in the previous version.

Folders to save queries in connections usually can be found under the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\ActiveDBSoft\FlySpeed SQL Query\" folder.
Arttu P

Thank you for the advice. I have now migrated twice to new machine. In both cases I have copied the folder above but in addition I have opened the backups folder there and opened the newest backup (make sure it is active).

This will update windows registry so that the program starts using the copied information.