Save table layout is not working

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The save table layout in queries function as described here:

Is not working for me.  I am running version and have tried saving both in a file and in the connection; in both cases after closing and re-opening the query, the tables lose their positioning and are rearranged by the app.

Is there something I'm missing?
You right, it is not fixed yet. We've actually made a fix for the comment of that topic: "each time I EXECUTE a query from that Visual Query Builder the tables get automatically re-arranged". We will fix this soon.
Trevor Gould
Will you be supporting saving layouts when the query is saved as either a file or within the connection?  I know there is extra information you need to save and where to store this when saving as a file is a bit of a problem, but I prefer to save as files, and it would be preferable if I (or someone else) opened the query on another machine that it would still retain the positioning.

Two ideas I can think of would be to store the information in a SQL comment (-- comment) within the sql file itself (squeezing it all into one line would be a bit less visually intrusive), or, save it in a secondary file in the same folder (ie: myQueryName.fsSqlConfig).

Just some ideas for you to consider.