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Can I take your Query building tool and use it in a standalone Visual C++ application?


By Standalone I mean after I finish programming the application when I compile it, it becomes a single executable that I can load onto my USB drive and run it from there. No need to install 14 DLLs onto the PC HD before it will work.


Thank you,

Mark McCumber


Dear Mark,

If you talk about FlySpeed SQL Query, you can use it in Portable mode, i.e. load onto USB drive, etc. It is not a single executable, but the necessary dlls are stored in the same directory and you should not install them on the hard drive. These dlls are needed to connect to some databases (PostgreSQL, Advantage DB). In this mode you can get access to MySQL, MS Access, MS Excel, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Advantage, DBF files without any additional software installed. But some other databases still require to have a database client installed on the PC (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server), as we can't include everything that is needed to connect to them due to high complexity or heaviness of the client software.

If you want to create your own query tool using Active Query Builder component, the need for third-party assemblies to get access to the database depends on the database server you want to connect to.