Compatibility Flyspeed SQL query with Windows 8

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I have seen Flyspeed SQL was comptatible since a few subversions with W8.

I have installed now a release version of W8 and Flyspeed SQL has problems with it.

Flyspeed doesn't like double click at startup

Initially the problem was that I double-clicked on the start screen. This seems once too much and Flyspeed SQL tries to start twice. The second instance cannot, generates an exception and finally when you don't send the message to Microsoft it kills the first instance that was working well.

As I presume I won't be the only user having trouble with single click instead of double click, it would probably be nice to avoid the double startup of the application.

Flyspeed doesn't like double click to add a table to a query

When this was settled I managed to make a start a first query, but:

When drag&dropping a table, everything goes fine.

If you double-click on the table to add it to the query, Flyspeed waits endlessly to fill the table with the fields.

Hope this is clear enough to simulate on your machine.

Otherwise many thanks for this fantastic program. Today I realized I cannot live without!

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Dear Emmanuel,

We fixed the Windows 8 compatibility issue. Please try the new version and let me know if the problems persist.