How to edit data in the query which contains data from multiple tables?

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If a database engine or driver allows editing fields only from the primary table and denies so for other tables, this limitation can't be overcome straightforwardly, but with FlySpeed SQL Query you can take advantage of the possibility to browse and edit data from dependent tables.

Let's say you have a query like the following:

Image 609

Your database ending allows you to edit data only from the Contact table, but you want to edit the data from the Address table. 

You can use the Master-Detail view feature to edit the needed data:

Image 610

Click the "Add detail view" button and select a table for which you want to edit data:

Image 612

Now you can edit the needed data in the detail data view!

Even if you don't find the needed object in that list, you can build the custom relationship by selecting the "Add Custom Detail View..." item, choose the object you want to edit and specify the corresponding fields:

Image 611


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