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Hallo ActiveDatabase Team,

I have a question about FlySpeed SQL Query.

When i connect to database (Oracle), it starts selecting Metadata.
All Schemes are presented instantly with all details shown, making
the overview cumbersome.

Is there a setting to connect, and show database schema names without
contents shown, i.e. shown only when using the '+' ?

kind regards,


Andrey Zavyalov, PM
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You can select what schemas to display in the Connection Properties dialog in the Metadata Filter tab.

Hendrik Lombard

I cannot figure out the Metadata filter.

If I only want to see one of many schemas, IP in the image below.

I tried to put that one in the Include list and the rest in the Exclude list.

But this has no effect on which schemas are listed?

The info at the top of this window is confusing. I says:

1. To hide unwanted objects, add items to the Include List? Should that not read Exclude list?

2. It talk about an Include tab

and an Include panel. What is the difference?

Image 1222