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Database Explorer

Hide/show the Database Explorer   Ctrl+E
Open Query from file   Ctrl+O
New Query Builder Window   Ctrl+N
New Query Text Window   Ctrl+T

Query Window

Save Query   Ctrl+S
Save Query to file   Ctrl+Shift+S
Close the Query Window   Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+W
Execute Query   F5
Run Query suppressing warnings   Ctrl+F5
Execute Query in a separate window   F9
Execute Query in a separate window suppressing warnings   Ctrl+F9
Export Data   Ctrl+E
Print Data   Ctrl+P
Re-Format Query text   Ctrl+Shift+F

Data View

Filter by the value of the current cell    Ctrl+Q

Form View

Move to the next record   Ctrl+Arrow down 
Move to the previous record   Ctrl+Arrow up 

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