Where are the program settings stored?

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The FlySpeed SQL Query settings may include the information about database connections as well as the other user settings, such as user interface options, colors, data formats, and SQL formatting options. The tool can store them in three different locations.

  1. While working in the Desktop (default) mode, the program uses the Registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch) to store all settings.
  2. In the case of impossibility to write them to the Registry, the software creates the .ini file inside the user's AppData folder.
  3. The Portable mode has been designed to let the user work with the software installed on a portable, network or cloud drive. Thus, it is necessary to store the settings in the program installation folder.
The software determines its mode by examining the "FlySpeed SQL Query.ini" file in the same folder as the program executable file. If it founds this file, it switches to the Portable mode and uses this file to store the settings.
That means that in the Portable mode the software must have rights to write to the program installation folder. If the software will be unable to write to the .ini file, it will warn you about this to let it raise the privileges each time it needs to write the settings.
So, if you are erroneously checked the "Portable mode" option during the installation procedure, you can go to the program installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveDBSoft\FlySpeed SQL Query\") and delete the "FlySpeed SQL Query.ini" file. And if you want to use the software in the Portable mode, DO NOT install it to the default location.
The dialog that lets you check and switch the Program Settings Location can be called by selecting the "Settings" - "Settings storage location..." main menu item.

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