How to install FlySpeed SQL Query on the server and use it by several users?

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To let several users run FlySpeed SQL Query from a directory on a server and share the same settings, install the software to this directory or copy the content from the directory where it was initially installed. Make sure that the "FlySpeed SQL Query.ini" file is present there. You can create an empty file, or use the file with predefined settings from your previous installation.

The "FlySpeed SQL Query.ini" file can be found in the program installation folder if you previously used it in the Portable mode. If you used the software in Desktop mode, go to the "Settings" - "Settings storage location..." menu and select the Local AppData folder option. After that, you will find this file in the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\ActiveDBSoft\FlySpeed SQL Query" folder.

If the directory on your server, to which the software will be installed, is writable, all users will share the same settings and be able to rewrite this file, so only the last user settings will be saved, others - lost. If the directory is read-only, the software will get the connection settings from the .ini file from the server, but the rest of the user's settings will be saved on user's PCs in their local AppData folders. We call the last mode as "Mixed mode". You can read about switching into here: How to deny changing of connection properties by end-users?

Note that you have to obtain a license for each individual user that will work with the software in the Mixed mode.

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