Which license should I choose to install FlySpeed SQL Query on a remote server?

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In fact, the difference between the Portable and the Desktop versions is in the place where the tool stores the settings (personal UI settings, database connection information) and the registration information.

The Desktop version can store the settings in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry key or the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\ActiveDBSoft\FlySpeed SQL Query" folder; the registration information is stored in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key.

The Portable version stores all information (personal UI settings, connections, registration info) in the "FlySpeed SQL Query.ini" file in the program installation folder. That's why it is suitable for removable drives, shared network folders, etc. But it's only suitable to be used by a single user, because multiple users, which work simultaneously, will compete for access to this file.

You can use either the Portable or the Desktop version to work with the software on a remote server. You should choose the license according to the way you want to use the software. In the case of using the Portable version, you have to install the software for each user in a separate directory. In the case of using the Desktop version, you can install the software once, and each user will have personal UI and connection settings. It is also possible to have shared unchangeable connection settings and individual UI settings for each user (feel free to contact us if you want to use the software in this mode).

The number of licenses you need to purchase is the number of users who will work with the software, but not less than the number of installations.

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